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Professional Colour Consulting & Design

Martin Tanner Colour Consulting & Design stands for individual and user-oriented colour design.
Whether in private residences, therapeutic facilities, residential and nursing homes for the elderly or in work and educational facilities as well as in the gastronomy and hotel industry, a professional color design increases the value of the investment considerably.
In order to optimise the effect of colours on the users in the rooms to be designed, findings from physiology, biology, neuropsychology, sociology and also art are used and implemented.
With our new room design system Ambience mobile, rooms can be changed in colour without having to paint the walls themselves. This makes the colour change easy and quick to replace.
Overall, a professional colour design by a qualified colour designer makes a significant contribution to reducing personnel costs, increasing employee motivation and promoting relaxation in all areas of design.

Our unique selling point

We offer complete solutions for unique room atmospheres from a single source. We create professional colour concepts for all owners of private residences, all those responsible for buildings at work and educational institutions, residential and nursing homes for the elderly, therapeutic facilities for patients as well as gastronomy and the hotel industry and implement these individually.
We ensure that all user groups and facilities feel at home during their stay. Arrange your initial consultation now without obligation and free of charge!

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Colour Consultation / Colour Design

Professional colour consultation & colour design with  consideration of physiological, ergonomic, psychological, functional and aesthetic aspects.

Methodology Colour Design

Individual approach based on a  differentiated performance profile with detailed basic evaluation, analysis, drafting, tendering and orientation plans.

Colour Concept

Creation of an individual colour and material concept based on a  differentiated performance profile, taking into account your ideas and wishes.

Concept Implementation

Concept implementation of the individually created colour and material concept in the rooms and  buildings to be designed.

Concept Support

Concept support, verification, control and acceptance of the implementation of
small, large or  complex projects on site.

Further Services

Colour identity analyses, colour concepts for exhibition stands, expertise on colour problems and many other services.

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