Ambience mobile

Ambience mobile is a flexible room design system. Colours are not applied to existing surfaces, but to various elements such as fabric panels, canvases and acoustic absorber panels. The elements are hung in front of the walls or ceiling as room dividers or art installations to create a desired or planned room ambience. 

Mobile spatial design system

With Ambience mobile you can flexibly design the walls according to your wishes and enjoy the newly created room ambience. The advantage is that you can quickly and easily recolour your walls or simply take your colour concept with you into your new home.

Have your Ambience mobile concept created now and feel good!

Ambience mobile versus colour directly on the walls

The advantage and benefit of this room design system lies in its high flexibility and mobility. When you move, redesign or redesign a room, you can easily and effortlessly remove the carrier materials and just as easily reinstall them at a new location – often without outside help.

If you apply individual walls or a colour concept directly to existing walls, you are usually contractually obliged to paint the walls back white when you move. Ambience mobile™ does not charge any backpainting costs. If you move, simply take your colour concept with you and install it again in your new rented premises. This design system is therefore much more cost-effective in the medium and long term than if you first paint walls and then have to paint them back again.

Where can you use Ambience mobile?

In rented apartments

If, for example, you get an addition to your family, the room situation in your rented apartment can change in such a way that you want to turn a home office into a children’s room. Whether an internal room change or a move to a larger living environment is planned, the mobile colour concept can be easily moved or taken along and reinstalled at a new location just as easily. It can also be easily extended at any time. With such room changes, practically no dust, noise, high costs or other inconveniences arise by craftsmen.

At workplaces

When restructuring workplaces, you can let the color concept of an office or an entire department follow the employees into other rooms or adapt it to the new employees.

For new and renovated properties

For apartments, houses, offices and commercial premises that are difficult to rent or sell in large development projects, Ambience Mobile™ can help to provide and present examples in an attractive colour to effectively promote sales or rental.

For educational institutions

Ambience Mobile™ can also be used in facilities such as schools, kindergartens, daycares, crèches or after-school care. In the event of restructuring, you can remove a realised colour concept and hang it up again in other classrooms. School children and kindergarten pupils thus follow their colour concept tailored to them. This measure reduces the settling in of the room users in the new rooms to a minimum. Thus the performance level of the pupils and teachers is maintained and unnecessary moving stress is avoided.

In private and public buildings

Bare and rejecting stairwells, entrance halls and shopping arcades, as well as underground car parks in private and public buildings, can be optimally upgraded with Ambience mobile™. High hall rooms can be creatively decorated with differently coloured hanging elements and thus made more attractive. In the process, the quality of the rooms is significantly improved. Visitors will visibly feel more comfortable, safer and linger longer in such rooms. Thanks to the mobility and flexibility of Ambience mobile™, design changes can be made at will in order to surprise visitors again and again in a positive way. The attractiveness of a building can thus be demonstrably increased.

Ambience mobile samples

Fabric With Pattern
Light Board

What do our customers say?

“In rewarding collaboration with Martin Tanner, we developed a harmonious colour concept for the kitchen, dining/living area and two bedrooms. The concept was implemented by Martin Tanner on the carrier elements that now hang on our walls. In this way we created a room ambience where we as a family feel very comfortable and at ease. Our cooperation during the whole design process in cooperation with Martin Tanner was definitely worth it. His invitation to include my artistic flair was a great idea. In this way I was able to enrich the colour ensemble with my artwork “Springtime”. The finished colour ensemble radiates a lot of warmth and security for us every day.”

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