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What is a colour concept?

A colour concept is a finished design concept of interior or exterior spaces in an artificially built environment.

What does a colour consultant do?

A colour advisor/designer supports different customers with questions about the colour design of the interior or exterior spaces of buildings. In addition, he designs colour and material concepts and also translates them into reality for objects.

What is the procedure for a professional colour design?

The procedure for developing a colour and material design is based on a differentiated performance profile. This includes determining the basics and creating various analyses before a design draft can be created.

How is a colour and material concept implemented?

A concept can be implemented in two ways: On the one hand by means of the conventional method of “applying paint directly to the room surfaces” or on the other hand by means of our self-developed, mobile room design system Ambience mobile™. With this system, the colour and material concept is transferred to curtain wall elements or room dividing elements by means of colour or other materials.

Can I also implement the colour concept myself?

If you are a trained painter yourself, you can implement the colour concept yourself. However, if you have no experience in professional painting, but want to be involved in the implementation, our experienced team will actively support you. We will show you how it works! You will learn how complex the implementation of a colour and material concept is. After completion of the work, you will be able to identify even better with your new interior design.

Apply conventional colours or Ambience mobile™?

For rented rooms, we recommend Ambience mobile™, as you can take your colour concept with you when you move and hang it up again at the next location.

If you have your own rooms and feel like changing the interior every now and then, we recommend Ambience mobile™, as the coloured elements are just as flexible and mobile as your furniture.

If you don’t feel like it, you can implement the concept of “applying paint directly to the surfaces of the room”.  

Why professional interior design?

If you want consciously designed rooms that are tailored to your personal needs and want to feel comfortable in them, this requires a professional examination of your ideas of the desired room atmosphere and colours.

What effect do wall colours have?

You will only find the wall colours beneficial when a harmonious relationship is established between you, the differently designed room surfaces and your interior design. If you want to feel comfortable in your rooms at any time of the day or year, the effect of the room colours and the interior design should be optimally matched to your personality. So colours on walls and ceilings can have a beneficial or even healing effect on you.

Which wall colours have positive effects?

Wall paints have positive effects if you feel comfortable in your rooms and these have a positive effect on you.

Why colour design in the office or in the nursery?

People should not only feel comfortable in their private rooms over a longer period of time, but also in any other architectural area such as offices or in the rooms of nurseries. Colour, surface materials and light play a central role in the design of such spaces.

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