Renovation ground floor detached house in Hausen

Voice of Customer: Dr. P. Stadler

Starting position

Our twenty-year-old detached house needs to be repainted inside. All the rooms are kept in the same white colour; over the next two to three years we want to create a living atmosphere in the whole house in terms of colour, which corresponds to our taste and brings more cosiness into our architecturally beautiful house. But how can we achieve this without making wrong decisions and putting our well-being at risk? 


Martin Tanner has carefully concretized our vague ideas step by step until we finally arrived at a final color determination. Mr. Tanner has repainted the kitchen, living room, guest toilet and office according to the concept. 


These for us central rooms have become surprisingly beautiful and pleasing! The chosen colours correspond well with the purpose of the rooms. We like to stay in them and feel very comfortable in all rooms. The architecture, the furniture and the pictures are new and much better. The work is also carried out carefully and beautifully by hand. Friends are pleasantly surprised by the colour scheme and feel at home with us. We will also redesign the entrance and the other rooms in the same colour concept.

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