Renovation single family house Hünenberg

Starting position

The living space of the single-family house radiated a low level of comfort. Its residents found the pure white surfaces of the walls and ceilings as well as the white panel flooring cold and repellent. Communication in this ambience was rather sluggish. 


The colour concept, for which only natural colours were used, now gives the house warmth, comfort and liveliness. The entrance, the vestibules and the staircase were decorated with warm pastel shades. The red colour accent in the hallway is inviting and arouses curiosity. In the kitchen, the saturated yellow has a balancing effect on the grey-blue cabinet fronts and enlivens the room atmosphere. The low, oppressive brown wooden ceiling on the upper floor has been lightly glazed, optically enlarging the room.


The residents feel comfortable in the newly designed rooms. The desired atmosphere was achieved. Furniture and accessories are matched to the new colours. Shortly after the photo session, the blue-red seating group was replaced by a modern, straight-lined brown seating group and a black leather armchair. The soft yellow and light blue walls also frame the new comfortable seating area and blend in perfectly. The use of pastel colours makes the rooms appear brighter, warmer and larger. Thus the whole house is perceived as a unit.

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