Material & colour study for a retirement and nursing home, 2007

Table of Contents

Analysis and starting point

In order to be able to adjust the design concept optimally to the needs of the users, I obtain information through resident surveys, through discussions with the home management and through such discussions with employees. In addition, more attention needs to be paid to findings about disabilities in the third phase of life, fall prevention measures, neuropsychological aspects of design and the like.

The resulting design concept contains well-founded recommendations for colour and material design. The implemented concept results in visible and noticeable positive changes in the behaviour of residents and staff. This results in sustainable cost savings for the operators of the home and also for the residents.

Survey of the needs of 22 residents of a retirement and nursing home, 2007
In an extensive survey, the needs and wishes of the residents of the home were surveyed. Such a survey is one of the most important sources of information with regard to colour and material concepts. The evaluation results also flow into the renovation of old and new buildings as well as old people’s homes, nursing homes and hospitals. 

Survey with interior photos, 2007
In the course of this survey I presented interior photos of various retirement and nursing homes, 33 residents in four homes in central Switzerland. The survey shows which colours are preferred and which are rejected by the residents and pensioners.


Material proposal corridor

Design view corridor

Material suggestion wet cell resident room

Colour suggestions for resident rooms

Material suggestion for lounge area

Suggested colour for occupied zone

Colour chart

Suggested colours for floors