Room environment and people

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Wall design with colour

The development of wall designs for residents in their personal living environment requires an intensive examination of people and their rooms. Optimal wall designs can only be achieved if the mentality and ideas of the residents as well as the architecture of the rooms and their spatial conditions are adapted to them. Especially in the living area, coloured wall designs have the task of creating harmony between the residents, provided that people do not live alone: for example, between partners and parents and children. This means that the most diverse needs can be brought down to a common denominator.

Wall design and effect

People will only find their personal surroundings, their houses or apartments beneficial when a harmonious relationship is established between them and the differently designed walls. This is usually the case when the residents intensively deal with their private living ideas in cooperation with a qualified colour designer with a colour psychology background, regardless of what kind of room ambience is created.

We design our walls differently depending on the current and predominant state of health and sensation. It is therefore advantageous if the wall design of the living environment is brought into the best possible harmony with the residents, their current living environment and lifestyle. To create a connection between people and their living environments, the wall design must refer to their personalities, their ideas, wishes and needs. The longer people stay in houses and apartments, the more intense the effect of the coloured wall design. It has been proven that people in the western world today spend more than 85 percent of their time indoors. That’s why it’s important to get to grips with wall design in your own home. It can make a significant difference whether a wall design is implemented with colours or a wall design without wallpaper. Every little detail in the design can completely change the ambience of the room. 

Effect of light, colour, material and form

The interaction of these four media often has an unconscious but lasting effect on people’s well-being and, if used sensibly and correctly, can contribute to regeneration, recovery and relaxation. Used correctly, colourful walls, in contrast to the less inspiring white walls, lend a stimulating and soothing ambience.

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