Study waiting and farewell room in a hospital

Starting position

Walls and ceilings of the room are painted grey, floors, rear wall and doors are made of dark brown wood. The room radiates a gloomy, oppressive atmosphere. The hospital priest says: “I have inhibitions to accompany people who experience a loss situation into these rooms. The rooms reinforce sad feelings among the bereaved, instead of confirming that things are good as they are.”


For the waiting room
The spring-like forest scene on the back wall of the room is intended to convey growth, departure, life, peace and a path to light to the waiting. The walls are to be provided with a delicate light green. The ceiling is immersed in a warm white to open the room to the top and throw the artificial light back into the room. The elliptical furniture is used to store various utensils. Seating is provided by chairs upholstered in various colours to match a round club table in light-coloured wood.

For the farewell room
The back wall shows a sun-drenched winter forest scene. The picture recalls the natural cycle of life and transience. The intense sunlight should give courage to live on. A bright warm yellow is intended for the walls. Ceiling colour, seating and furniture tower are designed analogously to the waiting room.


The new colour and material design aims to convey comfort. It looks confident, hopeful and turned towards life. A bright, positive and life-affirming ambience helps to find one’s way out of the mourning situation and back into life.

Project Pictures

After - Room impressions
After - Room impressions
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