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With every colour consultation the human being with his needs is in the centre of attention. To design environments humanely means to include body, mind and soul. This requires a holistic view of the human being. Knowledge about phases of development and life as well as areas of human life with their environmental needs must also be taken into account. We will advise you professionally on your individual colour concept and together we will develop a feel-good colour design.


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Colour Consultation

The human being as a body, soul and spirit unit always acts and reacts holistically. These three components are actively involved in the relationship between man and environment. He is also a responsible co-creator of his existence and environment.

Colour is an essential factor of visual communication in the relationship between man and the environment. Symbolic messages and aestheticatmospheric information are conveyed to people through colour. The communication between man and space and the interactions that take place within them are influenced by essential aspects of colour in architecture. In order to effectively introduce colours into the environment, the colour designer must understand the relationship between man – colour – environment. In particular, he must know how humans react psychologically and physiologically to light and colour. The colour designer knows the current scientific studies about man, his environment, light and colour and incorporates this knowledge into his work. In addition, the colour designer implements the knowledge gained from colour psychology and scientific studies in the design of interiors and exteriors. This process is called applied colour psychology and includes aspects of physiology, psychology, psychosomatics, neuropsychology, visual colour ergonomics and architectural and environmental psychology.

The color designer knows all aspects of the project in all its facets. However, he is dependent on the cooperation of the leading managers of the project to be designed. He serves in colour consulting and benefits the room users with his carefully planned use of colour, light and material.

Successful colour designs bring many advantages in the short, medium and long term and financial benefits that should not be underestimated. For example, in differently coloured and glare-free environments of retirement homes, residents move around more often and more safely. This helps to avoid falls and thus high costs. In addition, body, mind and soul are activated. This increases independence, self-reliance and reduces the consumption of medicines. 

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