Concept Implementation

During the implementation of the concept, the colour and material concept is implemented in the rooms to be designed.

Here we offer you two types of implementation. On the one hand the conventional way “paint application directly on the room substrates” and on the other hand our self-developed, mobile room design system Ambience mobile.  


Conventional paint application

Ambience mobile

Concept Implementation

If the colour concept is accepted, the phase follows the implementation of the colour and material concept. We implement colour and material concepts in two ways. With the conventional method, the colour concept is transferred directly to the existing room surfaces. In the second type, the colour concept is transferred to differently assembled elements. The elements are optionally hung on the interior walls and then processed accordingly. However, coloured elements can also be hung from the ceiling as room dividers or as artistic objects. This innovative design system is known under the word mark Ambience mobile.

For both types of implementation, building owners can help with the implementation of the concept together with the craftsmen involved.

The advantage and benefit of Ambience mobile lies in its high flexibility and mobility. When you move, redesign or redesign a room, you can remove the elements easily and effortlessly and reinstall them just as easily at a new location – without outside help. 

With the conventional implementation method, the colour concept adheres directly to the room surfaces and cannot be changed in a mobile way like Ambience mobile.When changing the colour concept or moving house, the coloured surfaces must be painted white. An existing or new colour concept can be implemented in a conventional way or with Ambience mobile in new rooms.


Cost comparison of the two different concept implementations: 

If you apply colours or a colour concept directly to existing walls, you are contractually obliged to paint back the walls white when you move. Ambience mobile, on the other hand, does not charge any back-painting costs. The disassembly of the picture rails amounts to only a fraction of the backpainting costs. If you move, take your colour concept with you and install it again in the new premises. This is why Ambience mobile is considerably cheaper in the medium and long term than the conventional method of implementation.

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