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In addition to projects in private, public and business areas, we are also your contact for special disciplines such as colour identity analyses of villages and towns, colour concepts for trade fair stands and expertise in colour and material design.


Record colorfulness


Create colour index

Colour identity analysis

This type of analysis is an internationally proven method, which is applied to an existing colour situation of a location. The procedure is as follows: The colourfulness of a location is recorded, documented on a synthesis map and a colour index is created. Such an inventory provides the planners with a valuable basis for discussion, which serves as a basis for further development steps.

In extensive studies of villages and towns in France, Japan and many other countries, color researchers found that each region, city and village has its own typical color identity. These findings can be applied in the colouring of town centre renovations, the construction of new quarters or centre developments, as well as the restoration of old village complexes or districts.

If the colouring, which has grown organically and regionally over the years, is also transferred to the new districts or complexes to be built or renovated, a high level of acceptance on the part of residents, visitors and guests can be expected. This aspect deserves a great deal of attention, especially with regard to the approval of project steps by referendums.

Chapel alley with view of the chapel.

Square with view on Oberdorfstrasse

Square with view on village well

Oberdorfstrasse with view in direction of square

Synthesis map of Mels with 25 house fronts


Color analysis

Stand design / Product design

Colour conecpt

Colour concepts for exhibition stands

Trade fair visitors are usually confronted with a communication chaos, flooded with a mega range of products with competing information and diverse exhibition stands. The problem of orientation on the part of the visitors, on the part of the exhibitors the difficulties present themselves to be still noticed in this stimulus-flooded environment on the part of the exhibitors.

When a company presents its products at a trade fair, concise communication, i.e. clear communication without contradictions, is of fundamental importance. In the field of visual communication, the focus is on the concise design and design statements of the exhibition stand, including the presentation of the exhibits.

Stand design and product design must address the trade fair visitor not only on a rational level, but also on an emotional level. This results in a higher level of attention and memory. Addressing and stimulating on an emotional level is primarily achieved through the visual design elements light and colour.


Problem analysis

Concept development


Expertises on colour problems

Case A: Colouring chimney pipe
We were commissioned by the building commission of a municipality with the colour assessment of a dominant anthracite chimney pipe in a beautiful residential area. The task was to determine suitable chimney colours in the field of tension between the view from close up and the view from far away.

Building profile for the chimney pipe

Building profile quite well visible from 400 – 500 m distance

Weakly recognizable building profile from a distance of 300 m

Case B: Monotonous colouring of the interiors of a new church building
In a multi-angled church extension, all surrounding surfaces, such as floors, stairs, walls, ceilings, doors and fixed built-in furniture, were provided with a rich, dazzling colour tone.

The strong radiation of the intense green of the entire room surfaces creates a certain sense of disorientation. According to eyewitness accounts, there is a feeling not of standing upright, but of standing and moving at an angle to the body axis in the room. During the first short inspection of these rooms, the author of this expert’s report experienced a queasy feeling in the abdominal region and a slight headache.

Since only short-term experiences have been reported for the time being, it is certainly appropriate to observe how stays of several hours in a room will affect adults, elderly people and children under the influence of this monotonous colourfulness. During longer stays it is quite possible that the symptoms such as disorientation, listlessness in the stomach area and headaches may intensify and possibly show other physical and psychological symptoms.






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